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Feb 28, 2006
  1. In Device Manager>System Devices I have a Yellow exclamation mark next to my "PnP BIOS Extension". When I do a properties check on the PnP BIOS Extension it tells me the following:

    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".

    Can this problem be fixed or does Windows XP have to be reinstalled. Also, does this problem prevent me from receiving internet pages?

  2. Liquidlen

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    You should not have to re-install windows to fix this, and I doubt windows has anything to do with it anyway . There are some missing driver information/files ie Not installed. This sounds like MB/Chipset drivers were not all installed .You can do a search using your Mb model/brand , or get a file name from the driver properties sheet to find what you need.

    KNICKSNL TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info, do you idea(s) what problems I will have until the drivers are installed and do you think this problem is stopping me from getting on the internet to?
  4. Liquidlen

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    I don't think it will affect internet activity , PNP are different devices that you attach(periferals usually).
    Hard for me to be sure I don't know what is on your box. You will find out for sure as soon as you try.
    I am sure you won't do any damage.
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