PNY...Breakout Box Geforce FX5700

By berbn
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Here's an AGP that's pretty loaded with all kinds of video editing gadgets, question is, ..if you have an older VCR that have I/Os that don't match up with this thing they call a breakout box (plugs in off the SVideo jack)...what are my options??? older VCR has 4 AV jacks,
    2-I, 2-O.... breakout box has 3 inputs,(A-lft A-rt and Vid In), so we used a merge-out splitter for the audio an a single for the video ....the crazy thing is, WHAT are the labeling of the outputs on the supplied breakout box??, ...Pb Pr and Y ???? ...what the heck is this ??? Fill me in on some basic alternatives that some of you have faced when AV components do not match exactly but can be made due.... It would be nice to have a straight S-Video and not have to try and figure this out ...
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