Possible grounding problem with Inspire t7700 speakers

By jmcshopes
Mar 31, 2011
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  1. Hey everyone, sorry to use up your time, but I've had a really strange problem with my Creative Inspire T7700 speakers. It's a 7.1 setup, but I just use six speakers with splitters set up on the front, side and rear inputs (my laptop only has one output).


    I'd unplugged the input cable (a 3-to-4, 3.5mm stereo jack cable) to use for something else and when I plugged it back in, the speakers were incredibly quiet and the bass had completely dropped. I usually put a splitter on two of the jacks (using same ones as before) and plug the other ends into the front and side inputs. I've now found I had to put the one usually reserved for the side input into the direct subwoofer input in order to get any bass. Even with this setup, however, it is only the lowest bass that comes through. The whole upper-bass, low-mid-range section is as quiet as before.


    I had the splitter plugged into my iPod and noticed that if I touched the metal casing of the iPod, the speakers buzzed (in the same way as if you touch a bare jack/the hum if it gets pulled out partway, or if you touch the strings on a guitar plugged into a cheap amp). Plugged into my laptop, it buzzed even worse, drowning out music even at full laptop volume. I've never come across anything like this and couldn't find anything on the internet. I'm aware I'm probably just going to have to replace the speakers, but I'm curious to know what could have caused this?

    Many thanks,

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