Possible malware on my computer?

By vtmilkboy
Mar 12, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this community, but after reading a few of the threads posted here I think this is the best place. Recently I was browsing the web when all of a sudden a strange .pdf popped up named "Banner.pdf". I'm not sure what it was, since I didn't click on any ads or anything. After that, my computer suddenly froze and restarted on its own. After I logged in to my main account a lot of pop ups came up saying that I had "bad images" on a lot of my applications such as Firefox and Microsoft Word. I found here the 8-steps to sort of get rid of the malware, and did all those things. I also panicked and did a system restore and reset my settings to a couple days back, before the all the problems occured. The bad images went away, but I still scanned my computer, and found a couple of things in the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and also the SuperAntiSpyware. However, a couple of the threats were missing when I scanned it after the system restore. I have AVG Free and found nothing when i scanned it. I was just making sure to see if you guys can help me clean out my computer before I start logging into my accounts online. I'm not sure if it was that strange pdf file that started everything or not. Any help would be grateful.
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