Possible PC-Cillin Problem????

By bryan829
Apr 30, 2006
  1. I installed PC-Cillin Internet security to replace Nortons AV/system works. If I have a messege with a link in outlook xpress the link will not open the browser when it is clicked.
    Also programs that have a Help button (or any other option) that opens a browser when clicked will not work. The programs themselves work fine but trying to get outside via a browser is where the problem seems to be.
    Is this from the Internet Security firewall in Pc-Cillin??? If so does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance,

  2. bryan829

    bryan829 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Not sure what the problem was/is, but I installed FireFox and now everything works fine. Before when i would click a link in my inbox or online help, updates, etc. in outlook, or any program for that matter--nothing. It just would not let me access my browser(IE 6.0) But now I can follow links from inbox and go to online updates and support from any program.
    Still interested in what caused this just in case anyone knows?
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