Power loss created "password" in Win XP ---How do I get rid of it?

By dwillard
May 28, 2010
  1. I recently had power problems and several unexpected shutdowns while running Win XP SP3.

    When I got the power problems resolved, I found that suddenly the system had both another "user" and an administrator "password" that had not existed before the power problems.

    I removed the extraneous user easily enough. I am finding that removing the extraneous password, however, is not so simple.

    This causes hassles when I want to run Recovery Console, either from the installed version I recently added, or from the install disk.

    As I may need to run Recovery Console in the future, I'd like to get this problem taken care of before I have the need.

    Any hints on how to remove this bogus/extraneous password? Or perhaps find out what it is so that I can replace it?


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