Power problems

By reggie
Aug 13, 2006
  1. hi.

    i just recently moved my computer into a new case and well, now when i start my computer it doesnt turn on, well my fan LEDs, power LEDs, fans, and cold cathode all start up for a split second then turn right off.

    but when i flip the switch on the back of the psu to off (after 5 seconds i hear a sound from my speakers) then on, then press the front power switch, it works, but when i turn off my computer and it is left off for a while, the same thing happens again, i have to switch again. i just need to know why i have to keep doing this, and if there is any way to stop it.

    ty in advance
  2. Tedster

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    your system is probably grounding out. check to make sure there are no unintended shorts to the case. use plastic standoffs. ensure your psu can handle the load you put on it.
  3. reggie

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    im sure my psu can handle it, because it was handling it for a about a month before i moved everything in the new case, and according to some psu calculators, my computer recommends at at least 315w, and i have a 480w psu
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