Power Supply kicks in for a second then dies

By trickyt
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Recently one of my PCs has become difficult to start. When I press the PC's "On" button the computer seems to start for a second, (lights and fan start for a second and then it dies).

    If I press the start button a second time nothing happens.

    If I unplug the mains power card, and re-plug it it, then press the start button, I once again get a surge of power and then it dies again.

    After many attempts the PC finally starts. I have eliminated the PC's "power on" button as the problem, by removing the connection on the mother board and starting with a screwdriver (connecting the two power supply pins for a brief moment with the tip on the screwdriver).

    I know this may be a Power Supply problem, so please, no posts saying "Get a new Power Supply". What I want to know: Is my experience a normal symptom of a slowly dying power supply, or is it a normal sympton of something else on the Mother Board, such as a dead battery or something else?
  2. tkr3alm3r

    tkr3alm3r TS Rookie Posts: 29

    "Recently one of my PCs has become difficult to start. "

    I'm guessing you have more than 1
    swap over the PSU from one to another and eliminate/identify the issue from there
    saves a lot of guess work and buying a PSU when not required
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