Primary Hard Drive Cannot read 2nd Hard Drive

By The_Watcher_911
Dec 17, 2005
  1. This all started when I used my backup hard drive w/Win2000 (seagate) as Primary & my newer hard drive(Maxtor) w/Win2000 as my slave. I bought a new HDD (Western Digital) & wanted to copy files.

    Anyway with my old hard drive as a master I accessed my newer HDD with win2000. The files were like jibberish, folders and files were all named with letters & numbers. Anyway I ran scandisk on it. When I did that the hard drive changed & created a folder of broken file fragments & that's all that was showing on the drive.

    I finally created a new OS on my Western Digital and made it my primary & put the messed up Maxtor as a slave. All I saw in the drive was the file folder with file fragments.

    HOWEVER the Maxtor HDD says it still has 8+ gigs of data. The problem is I can't see any of the files & they are not hidden. Anyone know the problem & is there anyway to recover these files??

    One more problem. I have another hard drive as a slave & sometimes when I bootup the drive is there & sometimes it isn't. Any suggestions?
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    at this point a good file recovery app. is needed

    0&0 recovery and file scavenger recovery app. are a few
    this drive may be on the way out
    HDD regen is a application that may fix it up for a while
  3. rover3500

    rover3500 TS Rookie

    Check ide ribbon cables(if that's what u have.i had a prob 4 ages and i eventually traced it to a split in cable.Very hard to detect sometimes,and can cause intermittent probs...
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