Problem downloading .exe files

By AbdulaOblongata
Jun 11, 2009
  1. Hey I have run into a new problem with my computer in the last couple of days. what happens is when i try to download an .exe file to install a program, such as an anti virus program, it downloads in two parts. For example recently I tried to download a program called Previx 3.0 to install. The first of the two files it saved is named PREVXCSIFREE. The icon it displays is that of an .exe file but when I try to open it I get the error message in my first attachment. The pic is a little blurry because I had to resize it but i think you can read it. If not the error says the file is not a valid Win32 application. The second file that it saves is named PREVXCSIFREE.EXE. When I try to open that file I get the second message that says windows doesn't know what program to open the file with. No matter what file I'm trying to download the outcome is the same only the file names are changed to whatever I'm attempting to download.

    Thanks for all your help,

    P.S. If you would like a link to the sight that I was attempting to download the program from let me know I can post that too. I currently am one post short of the sight letting me put a URL links in my posts.
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    Problem Solved?

    I think that I might have fixed my problem. I believe that my problem stemmed from the security settings that I had set up in internet explorer. Because I never use IE I had all of the security settings set to max security. I reset those settings to the medium setting and since then I have been able to dl .exe files.
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