Problem gaining access to files.

By gamburgy
Jan 8, 2005
  1. Recently my laptop computer mother board went out. I bought a desktop computer and a drive enclosure which I put the laptop hard drive in. When I try to access my files on that drive, everything works except for the files that seem to be under my screen name and password. Both systems run XP, and I have tried other responses in trying to allow access, but nothing is seeming to work. More than anything I need to access many word documents and family photos.

    Can anybody instruct me as to what to do or if they are even salvagable?
  2. pallcaredoc

    pallcaredoc TS Rookie

    Unable to access files

    When you receive an answer to your question, please let me know.

    On 1/8 a waiter spilled a glass of water on my open laptop at the the Disneyland hotel in Anaheim. My IBM T42 laptop died on the spot. I've also obtained an external drive closure for the notebook hard drive, but cannot access files from the Documents and Settings folder of that drive although the drive itself seems to be fully recognized. I suspect that the difficulties have to do with file sharing, but don't wnat to take any chances on making my notebook drive completely inaccessable.

    As to Disney, the banquet management staff couldn't have been less helpful or sympathetic. I wound up giving two different 45 minute presentations sans Powerpoint, and from the looks of it, will have to take Disney to small claims court to cover the cost of a new motherboard.

    Hope we both get answers soon.
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