Problem with my shift keys

By anandi tatta
Aug 13, 2011
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  1. hi friends

    I have a problem with my shift keys

    they stopped workIng suddenly one day

    they appear to be stuck means my key board works as if i type all the keys by pressing shift key

    not able to type numbers and special characters

    onscreen keyboard also not helping me

    i use samsung "P four two eight"(as i am not able to type numbers) laptop and using windows seven as os

    sticky keys or toggle keys everything is off

    and all other keys working properly except both the shift keys

    plzzzz help me out

    thanx in anticipation
  2. To my knowledge these keys work on a grid, so if several of them go out at once you can be sure you've knocked out that section. I could be wrong, but I would suggest pulling up those keys, including the space bar, and looking for nasty bits of food and the like to carefully remove. Note: They have many brittle bits that make it difficult to deal with. These things are built so incredibly cheap, that it is often more sound to replace them entirely.

    You can replace this keyboard for about 20 USD if you look hard enough and the installation is remarkably easy, all in my humble opinion.

    EDIT: I'll add that when dealing with laptops, you may want to consider keeping a spare USB keyboard around, just in case.

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