Problem with ram and wireless card

By Technochicken
Nov 18, 2008
  1. I just got 2 more gigs of ram, and i installed them, they worked fine, but when i booted windows, I could not get internet. Under the device manager, there was a yellow exclamation mark by my pci wireless adapter. under properties, it said there was a code 10 malfunction- the device could not start. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, to no avail. I took out the 2 new ram sticks and the adapter worked fine. I used both the new ones, without my old ones and it worked fine also. Right now, I am using 1 old and 1 new, and obviously it is working. But it seams that when i pass 3 gigs of ram, my wireless adapter won't start. Any Ideas? I'm baffled.
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    yes the POST only does show about 3.5 gigs of ram, and vista 3.25, similar to that thread, but I don't mind that. Is there any reason that even 3 gigs, wich is fully registered in both the POST and the OS, would cause my wireless cadlrd to not work? I don't think it is a problem w/ the new ram, since it works fine when by it's self, or one of them paired with one old.
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