problem with sims 2

By WBeagle72
Jan 1, 2007
  1. i just bought the sims 2 yesterday so i installed it. the installation was completed with no problem but then i went 2 play it and it locked up at the intro. i fixed that problem no and now its saying my drivers are not directx9.0c compatible. so a little while ago i downloaded the newest driver from my comps company and it still says its not 9.0c compatible. any1 have an answer?
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    My God, I really do get sick of all the Sims 2 problems people post on TS... its always the exact same problem with the lack of DX9.0c too... Read that post, do exactly what it says, and tell us what happens. You probably need a new videocard.
  4. Rik

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    Lol, it's getting worse than the " windows wont see my sata" problem!!:D
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    OK then here's a different Question. Why is that when I start The Sims 2 I can only hear sound and it doesn't display anything other that the bar at the bottom of the page and then suddenly crashes?
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    LOL indeed it is.
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    See why I made it :D !
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    Hahaha maybe we should make a DirectX/Sims Sticky lol. Nvm, followed the link in your sig cfitzarl :D
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