Problems copying DVD image to HD

By AMD2800+
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Using my Samsung 16x DVD drive (E:/), i'll post model when i get home, trying to copy a 4GB image file from a DVD to my 80GB Western Digital hard drive. Problem is it keeps cutting out, so only 200MB or so is copied. Is there any special procedures, like not using the PC while its copying or that?
  2. SNGX1275

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    Data dvd or movie dvd?

    If its data you could try a program like ISOBuster to make an image of the disk, then I guess extract it with ISOBuster once you get it to your hd.

    If its a movie dvd, you can use all sorts of different tools to 'rip' the disk to your hd. DVDShrink will do it, but I think if you are just going to save the files to your hd, look into programs specifically for it. Try for suggestions there.
  3. AMD2800+

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    Data - yeah, a friend said make an image file of it, but the file already is an image file... but do you mean ISOBuster will convert it back to the original file once on the harddrive? Which will mean making an image file of an image file, then converting it back to an image file. Virtual drive within a virtual drive?

    I have Alcohol 120% if that helps with anything.
  4. AMD2800+

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    Anything? :(
  5. SNGX1275

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    ISOBuster will create as well as extract iso files. So if its an iso on the disk and won't drag and drop copy in Windows, open up ISOBuster and then open up the iso file with it (isobuster). From there you can extract it to your hard drive.

    Also, what condition is the disk in? And have you tried it in a different dvd drive?
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