Problems defraging hard drive

By tqk
Feb 3, 2008
  1. My main drive is 107GB with approximately 26 GB free. My system is very slow and after deleting my temp files I have been trying to defrag my drive however some files will not defrag. They appear to be my video files. Some of them are as large as 19GB. Any suggestions?
  2. monton

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    I don't think you have enough room on the drive to defrag your large files. Other than deleting those files, which I assume you want to keep, an external hard drive or an additional internal drive may be the easiest solution.
    Also, there are many other possibilities for you computer slowing down. While I do defrag computers on a fairly regular schedule, once every month or so, I don't think I've never seen a defrag make a noticeable difference in speed, maybe a little in a severely fragmented drive but not dramatic.
    Post how you progress
  3. gbhall

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    107Gb is a damned funny size, are you sure that's right? Run everest home and see what size it is reporting, compare to your PC spec. Could be a hardware fault causing this slowness.

    You can 'defrag' large files by copying them to e.g. dvd, other HDD. Check the copy is good, delete the original, defrag the HDD then copy them back. Really it isn't necessary, but maybe it will cool your fevered brow.....

    Really only 107Gb when you like to store several files of up to 19Gb is far too small. Add another 300Gb drive. internal or (slightly more expensive) external.
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