Problems on Asus A8V with 5.1 sound - rear volume poor.

By Mark T
Dec 15, 2004
  1. Hi,

    I have a set of Zalman Surround sound Headphones that support 5.1 These worked well on my Shuttle but not on this Asus board.

    I cannot get the volume of the rear speaker up. I have updated the Realtek AC'97 drivers. I have also dropped the front and side channel volume, leaving rear on max then upping the overall volume still not much joy.

    When playing HL2 I almost have to be facing something to hear stuff.

    there are 4 ports Rear, Side, Centre and Front. I’m connected to Rear, Centre and front ( the manual mentions this for 6 channel support, side is only for 8 channel ). Windows config is set to 5.1, the realtek app sets to 6 channel. HL2 and CS:S set to 5.1. The headphones have 3 jacks Rear, centre and front.

    Thoughts ?
  2. hangintite68

    hangintite68 TS Rookie Posts: 18

    I would probably think about getting a new sound card. I have an asus board, and the sound jus isn't as good as it can be. you also might want to try different configurations. they might have it set at a different setting. and also is your headphones any good? if you do go with sound, go with creative. unsurpassed sound at an incredible price!

    "from a person's perspective"
  3. Marble

    Marble TS Rookie

    Crappy integrated sound solutions from Asus

    I've just bought the Asus A8N-E board with 8 channel sound, and it has the same problem with the Zalman 5.1 head phones - the jacks apparantly dont output enough voltage for the rear and centre speakers! (which equates to poor / extremely quiet playback).

    See for some good info.
    (Might put you off 5.1 headphones though....)

    You could buy a pre-amplifier - but for the price you're better off getting and audigy2 sound card i imagine (note - i haven't tested this myself).

    Darn it.
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