Problems Playing Widescreen Video in RealPlayer

By dacostpa
Feb 19, 2008
  1. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how (or if it is possible) to make movies play in complete widescreen in the latest version of RealPlayer (version 11). I am asking this because, in the previous versions of RealPlayer, I was able to make movies (specifically Quicktime movies) play in complete widescreen on my computer (which I desire since I have a widescreen monitor). However, in the latest version of RealPlayer, all videos I play (including the same ones that played in widescreen in the previous RealPlayer versions) are forced to play in their defined aspect ratio(typically fullscreen). Additionally, when I play the videos in Quicktime Player and use the Panoramic viewing option, the videos play perfectly in widescreen. Does anybody know if RealPlayer has a similar Panoramic viewing option (the videos use to play in widescreen automatically) or if it can be forced to ignore aspect ratios and play the video over the entire screen? I would greatly appreciate some help with this issue.

    Thanks All,

  2. Tmagic650

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    Try using Media Player 11
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