Problems w/ directx

By personaljesus
Nov 6, 2005
  1. ok so here we go. a couple weeks ago i started having this problem with my gmaes notworking properly. i ran a dx diagnostic and my direct 3d wasnt working properly so i went to microsoft they couldnt help, went to some other sites and no help, finally someone pointed me in the direction of a third party dx uninstal program. i used it and reinstalled 9.0c and it fixed the problem. however a week ago i had to wipe and reinstall windows and the problem came back...but this time i cant seem to fix it. i mostly play games on my pc(half-life, neverwinter,bards tale,dungeon siege)games that need 3d support and i cant play anymore(this makes me sad). any help that anyone could give me would be appreciated. below is my current dxdiag report. Im using a Ati Radeon 9200 w 128mb ram right now. I have the newest drivers installed for all my devices except my video because for some reason the Ati catalyst for my card causes serious problems in my os.

    Dont sweat it I figured it out...later
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