Problems with a game (minidump included)

By Gimenez
Jun 23, 2009
  1. After reading a lot of topics here, I did not find the solution to my problem. After installing Battlefield 2 and updating it, I have been trying to run it but first it was restarting. After playing around with settings I unchecked the restart system and basically started getting the BSOD instead. The BSOD says irql_not_less_or_equal but does not say which driver or program is causing it. I checked my CPU and no errors, memory is also good I have 4GB and started removing sticks to check if it was the RAM and nothing. At first my PC wasn't creating minidumps but I fixed that and got the attached one. I updated all my video and sound drivers as many stated... well pretty much I did everything everyone recommended (except format and reinstall xp) and nothing. I even updated to SP3 ( I dunno why I didn't before lol ). I have ran BF2 on this same set up before and have no idea why its acting up now. I haven't played the game in about 1-2 years though.

    Also in the dump it says the Process Name that crashed it was System.
  2. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    Your minidump cites memory corruption...

    With your error codes it would be wise to run Memtest on your RAM.
    See this link and follow instructions:

    Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes.
    There are 8 individual tests per pass, each test of inceasing complexity, thus requiring more time to run.
    Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

    If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

    Also, with errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM.
    [* ]Take out one and run the test.
    [* ]Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test.
    [* ]If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don’t need to run the test any further on that stick.

    [* ]Get back to us with the results.

    When you do, attach three or four more of your most recent minidumps.
    Sometimes additional information can be gained from additional dumps.
  3. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    To add to what B00kWyrm's suggestions.

    Is it just BF2 that causes the errors?

    Where did you purchase the game from?
  4. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will memtest soon and report my results tomorrow.

    I purchased the game when it came out a couple years back. The problem seems to be only with BF2. I thought the problem was because I overclocked my computer but I returned all my BIOS to factory settings except enabled PnP so that the OS can select the IRQ's not the BIOS. I swapped the ram back and forth (different sticks) and no luck each time. I have 2 other sets of ram (different brands) but they are at work that would probably be the short way to know if its the ram I guess. I think its an issue with a driver as alot of people have stated regarding these issues with BF2... but which? Some time ago one of my RAM appeared to have fail so I removed it... Maybe it's my motherboard? I have other programs that are RAM and CPU extensive that do not reproduce this issue.
  5. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    Sometimes, incorrect voltages set in the BIOS can cause the RAM to fail. I know this can be the case esp with ASUS motherboards as they are rather picky about RAM.

    Check the recommended voltages of your RAM manufacture and make sure these are correct in the BIOS, as a way to check.

    Get back to us with your memtest results :)
  6. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Did that and nothing. :( Also I used to run this same set up before... I am probably going to end up formatting... I am 99% sure is some driver on my PC but I do not know which one it is.
  7. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    I'd see what memtest reveals first, no point targeting software when it ends up being hardware >.<
  8. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I honestly give up, this is the only game that does this and no matter what I do it still does it. I flashed my BIOS, updated all my drivers, deleted faulty ones, 2 days of work just trying to get this dumb game to work and nothing... I tried doing memtest and my stupid computer doesn't even want to do it... it freezes on "Loading memtest.w.e........" I have no idea whats wrong with this thing...
  9. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Gimenez...
    I feel your frustration...
    Your minidump cites memory corruption...
    Your inability to run memtest confirms it...
    You may not see the issues in other places yet, but eventually it is likely you will.
    You can continue to try to isolate the bad memory, or you can simply swap it all out.
    Be sure to get memory that is compatible with your motherboard. Some boards are very picky.
    Kahlon and Crucial are both very good at matching ram to your board.
  10. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have 2 other sets of RAM but they are not here in my house. :( Crap! I swapped the ram back and forth and it still don't work. I wonder if its actually the motherboard acting up.
  11. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    Do you have more minidumps? You initially posted only one.
    It is possible that additional dumps might yield further helpful information...
    With that one citing memory corruption, and the memtest failing, I am skeptical, but we can look!
  12. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I managed to get the memory test from Windows to work. I guess my CD image for memtest did not burn correctly.. I will try it from floppy next time. I did only 2 passes of the Windows and no error (I know I might need more) but something still tells me is not the RAM. But here are the other minidumps which appear to be exactly equal.
  13. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,436   +37

    You are correct. These dumps point in exactly the same direction.
    I'll look for your post on the memtest results...
    Note... you need to let it run for at least 7 full passes. (Unless you start getting errors).
    There are 8 tests of increasing complexity to each pass. The process normally does take a while.
    Glad you got it working!
  14. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Assuming its not the memory, what could it be then?
  15. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    Since it is just the BF2 game that is causing the issue, it may be that the program has a bug in it that is addressing invalid memory within your graphics card.

    I am assuming you play other games, otherwise we could start looking at video memory corruption.

    If the game is actually causing these issues then we need more info about the game and config itself. For example, are you running Vista? If so then you will need to set the compatibility setting on the game as this is common to causing issues.

    Have you patched the game at all? Upon research, there is a patch that actually causes memory leaks. Try reinstalling the game without any patches (if you have patched it) and if you have not then you could try giving the latest patch a go.

    See how you get on
  16. Gimenez

    Gimenez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just went ahead and backed up my PC to my other harddrive, formatted, reinstalled Windows XP all over again and problem solved. Either way I had countless problems with other programs like Firefox had some virus no virus software could ever find and the PC was taking a loooooong time to boot up so it was time to reformat and start over. Thanks guys :D
  17. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    Glad you solved it :)
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