Problems with i5 650 stock heatsink not going in

By Blekk
Sep 12, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to help my dad build his new PC but we're having a major problem with the heatsink.

    We looked at the little stupid manual telling us how to install it and it looked as straight forward as any other heatsink, so my dad puts in one of the four pegs, then the diagonal one to it won't go in...we both try for a very long time trying to get them in but they won't go.

    After deliberating at what to do next and thinking about removing the heatsink, my dad tests one of the other two pegs and it goes in by mistake as he's testing the tension on it, we think we should probably put the other one in that isn't giving us a problem and that goes in without next to no pressure also.

    So, right now we have three out of four of the pegs in, but the last peg just doesn't want to know, it does seem that it has tapered a little already so maybe that's stopping it going through the hole first (at which point it should taper to make it secure) but now we really do not know what to do.

    We can't find any help on how to remove it (except for the rubbish pictures in the intel manual showing the heatsink with four up arrows) and so the building has ground to a halt.

    Anybody got any ideas or advice on what to do next?

    Thanks for your time,

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