Problems with old spare Nokia 7360

By DjKraid
Oct 5, 2011
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  1. Hi!

    So my HTC just got stolen :mad: so I had to dig up my old spare phone, it's a old Nokia 7360 and it works...somehow...I can call and I can txt but I can't save any new contacts, it just says something like "forbidden action"...anyhow, I can't copy old contacts from the phone to the sim card, I can't delete old I was going to reset the whole thing but I have changed the security code (by default it should be 12345) and I can't remember what I have changed it to (and yes, I have tried all the possibilities that there are). So what to do? -any ideas?

    P.S. It also says that the memory is full and it can't save any MMS/WAP/ what nat settings...


    Have got it connected to the computer now (with a data cable and using Nokia PC Suite) and I made a backup of everything (just in case) but it failed to backup the I tried to just open and view all the saved contacts but it just fails. Anyhow, I'm not really interested in the old contacts so I don't mind but when it fails to read the contacts it also fails when I try to add new contacts (via the computer).
    Next step was to download Nokia Software Updater (that's also what the PC Suite suggested) but it can't "find" the phone when it's connected...

    So what next..? -I could send it to Nokia so that they there would flash it but then if there is some other problems with it it would cost a fortune and it's not worth it.
  2. li_lon_1

    li_lon_1 TS Rookie

    You need to go in the nearest nokia care point at your place. You can also go to unauthorised repair shop for reformatting or reflashing.
  3. DjKraid

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    Thread started: Oct 5, 2011
    Somewhat late but that's ok I guess...I have also forgot to update the thread when I got the problem "solved". The solution magically came to me at some point thanks to epic rage, I just sold the **** away as spare parts :D

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