Problems with spyware!!! need help.

By impaler05
Nov 14, 2003
  1. hi, i had problems with spyware b4! and i got rid of it...but i guess not all of it. I have spyware...PLUS a trojin virus called "shadow thief trojin virus" and it planted itself in my windows/windows32 folder and anyone who is anyone knows you cant delete any files in there without doing sumthing to authorize it. Now, i forgot where to go to check off a command so i can be able to delete it out of there...i have windows xp!! And, i have a spyware program i bought called "Spyware Nuker" it does the job but they still keep coming back and it couldnt delete some of them! Their probably in a protected file like the "shadow thief" and the weord thing is i got the bst virus scanner ...mcAfee and it doesnt pick up the shadow thief...on a regular bases i go to and see how my puter's performance is! and it does a check up on everything..and it told me detection virus...must get rid of and it tells me the location and suggest getting panda virus protector..tried it and dont work does the same as mcAfee..and theres been changes as in i cant play games when my game loads up! a pop up window comes up and says " BHG RTS run time FATAL MSXML 4.0 is not properly installed. ( chooses to click are : abort, Retry or Ignore.. and no of them work..

    so can anyone help me with this huge problem..
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    Be warned about this "Spyware Nuker".
    It is SPYWARE itself, advertised through SPAM-email.

    See this link:
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