Problems with starwars battlefront errors and no multiplayer

By help
Dec 28, 2004
  1. PROBLEM: I have installed this game it crashed my pc 3 times whilst
    installing once i finally finished i went to play the mulitiplayer game
    and the game freezes i have tried over and over again i installed the
    update no use (the game works fine except for the multiplayer game
    which is the reason i brought it)
    so i uninstalled and re_installed it
    it crashed my pc 3 times again at the exact same time as before now when i
    load the game up as it begins to load i get this message:

    'Buffer overrun detected!

    Program: ...Star Wars Battlefront \ GameData \ Battlefront.exe

    A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program`s
    Internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must
    now be terminated.'

    its driving me as mad i swear i wish i never got the thing
    oh yeah my pc spec is well within the requirements
    and i have bt broadband connection
  2. dterrell

    dterrell TS Rookie

    Star Wars:Battlefront buffer overflow

    Go to the install directory and save the "SaveGame" folder to another location. Uninstall again but this time choose the option to remove saved games and configuration data. Reinstall, verify it works, and then copy the games you saved (not the folder) to the newly installed SaveGame folder. Hope this helps.
  3. JJC

    JJC TS Rookie


    it didnt work for me i did what u said and it didnt work so u hav any other way too fix the problem?
  4. 3vilm0n5ter

    3vilm0n5ter TS Rookie

    Same problem for me - £40 quid wasted

    I have the same problem - Lucas Arts are not interested - only bot replies.

    If anyone can help(this should be Lucasarta) - much appreciated.

  5. dterrell

    dterrell TS Rookie

    Star Wars:Battlefront buffer overflow

    Make sure the entire "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront" directory is removed before re-installing. The uninstall does not remove all files. Check your install for success before downloading the update. If it doesn't work before updating it most likely will not work afterward.
  6. 3vilm0n5ter

    3vilm0n5ter TS Rookie

    grrrrrr......lucas arts have done it again

    ok tried that - before update plays instant action games to about halfway then crashes to desktop - campaign games all crash as soon as selected.

    Put on update - same buffer overrun. Dang.

    Any other ideas will be most welcome - even consider PC out the window :(
  7. gregmattersen

    gregmattersen TS Rookie

    I got this error because of adding a custom map. as soon as I removed the customer map, the error went away. dunno if that helps...
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