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By merakon
Sep 3, 2006
  1. Well, I used to have a problem of my wireless internet randomly disconnecting all the time, I found out how to solve the problem, upon startup I go into control panel-administrative tools-services-wireless zero configuration-stop (extremely irratating doing this everytime i turn on my computer, but it got the job done).

    Now im having a similar problem where my internet disconnects from the internet at random times after midnight, lasts for about 30 seconds to 1minute then goes back to normal.
    Anyone have any idea what the problem is?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I had a similar problem, I never used the WZCS, i use the NICS own software, to stop it disconnecting try changing the channel the NIC\Router use, I changed to channel 9 , and now I dont disconnect anymore.

  3. merakon

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    thanks for the quick response, how do I go about changing the channel?
    its a micronet router if that helps.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Your welcome for the quick reply, I dont know anything about Micronet routers, i use a belkin, but if they are the same principle, go into the config page for the router, the channel will be under wireless settings, you will have to use a wired connection as you will lose connection wirelessly when you change it, until you change the NIC to the same channel.

    If your using the NICS own software it will be in the setup or the prog that runs at startup, if your using the WIndows Zero Wireless Config thing you will need to go into that and change the channel.

    I use 9 as I said you may have to play with various channels until you find one that works.

    I'm off out now fishing so any replies wont be till later on tonight.

  5. jobeard

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    your router will have a config item that declares
    Lease Obtained 06:53:20 , Sat.
    Lease Expires 18:53:20 , Sat.​
    this means the ISP will force a RELASE/RENEW cycle about 18:53:20
    until the renew completes, you will have problems.

    *MANY* cheap routers are having problems in this area!

    get the latest firmware update for your specifc mfg/model # :)
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