PS3 Slim hits one million milestone in three weeks

By Jos
Sep 24, 2009
  1. It looks like Sony’s PlayStation 3 is finally picking up some steam. According to the company's own internal estimates, since the new slim model went on sale for $299 just three weeks ago, the console has gone on to reach 1 million unit sales worldwide.

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  2. LinkedKube

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    Definately impressive for a revamped console.
  3. BMfan

    BMfan TS Evangelist Posts: 589   +137

    Well done sony
    about time too
  4. Sony, what did we learn today? Expensive technology does not sell well.
    Will we ever see this wisdom applied to blu-ray as well?
    (NO, ps3 and blu-ray are not the same thing :)
  5. Hi i have a Question What means NPD ?
    Im German and here its a thing nobody whants to name his product like this becauce its the Initials of a political german organisation in Germany who whants the nazi times back ... just for curiousness :)
  6. Tekkaraiden

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  7. TomSEA

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    NPD is a major player company in marketing research. And why Jose stated "we'll have to wait for NPD's report" to verify whether the sales claims by Sony are accurate.
  8. `The NPD Group, Inc.(formerly National Purchase Diary)` is a leading global market research company founded in 1967 and provides consumer and retail information to manufacturers and retailers. Using actual sales data from retailers and distributors as well as consumer-reported purchasing behavior, NPD offers consumer panel and retail sales tracking services, special reports, modeling and analytics, and custom research.
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