psp connection problems

By swker98
Jul 27, 2006
  1. Hey guys, my bro got a new psp and we want to configrue it for the intert so i try auto for the ip adress and all of that stuff and it fails to aquire the adress, so i manually enter it and it works but keeps crashing due to a dns error, i do not know how to find my dns server

    any ideas

    the router is a WGR614v6 from netgear

  2. geno2k3

    geno2k3 TS Rookie Posts: 46

    i didnt know the psp ran off a router? i thought it was a wi fi connection?
  3. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,077

    i get this
    Communications with the server falied. A Dns error has occurred 8041040f


    and its a wireless router so it is wifi
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