PSU ATX12v Connector Worries

By Jaf
Oct 10, 2008
  1. Hi. Excuse me for my limited computer knowledge but here goes. My old Antec PSU 480W True Power supply went bad not so long ago. Anyway I bought a new one quickly , just a generic type one, the X-Power GTX Light 580W, specs here:

    I have the ASRock 939 Dual VSTA motherboard, and I was just wondering about some of the connections. The PSU comes with the 20+4 motherboard connector which is fine, I just use the 20 pin for my motherboard. I also have an Athon64 4400+ X2, I'm stuck on how to power that using a ATX12v 4-pin. Can I use the extra 4 pin part from the motherboard connetor to power the ATX12v slot or is that silly and dangerous. I'm not sure about the other adapter that came with the PSU. It is a 4 pin ATX12v 2.2 male connector by the looks of it which is no good, as I need a 4 pin ATX12v female like on my old Antec, and at the other end of this adapter is an 8-pin connector which I am not familiar with. Just wondering if I am missing something obvious and whether any of you know what to do and indeed whether this psu can be connected to my motherboard.


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    Don't reply, sorry to have wasted your time, problem solved, I really should look closer and longer instead of just running to the forum after two seconds, my apologies, this can be deleted by a mod.
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