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By bigpappah2
Dec 14, 2010
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  1. OK I inherited someone elses problem. HP pavillion. When you press the power button cooling fans try to start then die. No post no beeps no nada. If I remove the 12v2 connector from the mother board everything powers up except obviously the cpu. DO not know if I am getting anything else, no posts nothing nada just cooling fans best i can tell. SO do you guys think I am dealing with a bad MB or is it possible for Just the 12v2 on the PSU to be bad.

  2. captaincranky

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    It's actually very possible for just one voltage to be missing in a PSU. It's happened to me.

    The fact remains that you have to sub out the PSU, to test the motherboard! Just use a good PSU, with short circuit protection, so that it doesn't die trying to find out if the board is bad.

    If you Google 24 or 20 pin motherboard connectors, you can get pin maps and check the voltages right at the connector, at least if you have a digital multimeter. Oh, and be very careful, guard against static, and hitting other components with the meter probes.

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