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By Neji49
May 4, 2008
  1. I'm planning to get a a new psu to run a new graphics card and none of them list any requirements. Are there any system requirements for psus?
  2. Matthew

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    Kind of, you just have things backward :). Your PC requires a certain PSU, your PSU doesn't require a certain PC.

    What are your full system specifications and what PSU(s) are you considering? What is your budget?
  3. Neji49

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    Well I actually asked another question relating to this and they said my system needs a 500-600watt psu. My system specs are intel duo core 2.13ghz dual core processor. 2 GB RAM. Currently I have an onboard graphics chipset but I'm going to upgrade(which is why I need a new psu). I'm planning to upgrade to a Nvidia 8600 or 9600. I have two hard drives each containg 213 gb. My case is an Antec SLK1650. My ideal budget is $50.00,but as long as it's isn't under $80.00 I suppose I can stretch it.
  4. raybay

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    Good luck finding something that cheap. Every now and then, NewEgg, Directron, Outpost, Frys, Zipzoomfly, and TigerDirect will sell some units. But I would not trust any power supply that sells for under $100...

    Take a look at the Power Supply guides published on this forum. I don't agree with everything posted, but it has a very helpful list of what power supplies are good, and which ones to avoid.

    As for the 500 Watt to 600 watt, that is about right, although the decision is more about amperage than watts... and steady output, and reliability.
  5. Neji49

    Neji49 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 57

  6. davinci83

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    stating that one needs a 500-600 watt psu is taking into account that most of the cheap ones are crap quality. they'll still run your system, at the cost of energy efficiency

    if you can find a high quality one (efficiency around 80% or higher), 450 should also suffice. these won't be cheaper than the 500-600 ones but they're more energy efficient.

    i don't know about your region, but here in europe chieftec has a good name for high quality.
  7. HaMsTeYr

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    You could consider getting the CoolerMaster RealPower 550W. Has 80% efficiency, other than that, Silverstone and Enermax are good, so is Corsair.
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