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By JamesPromIII
Nov 23, 2010
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  1. Ok I'm looking to buy a new tv, not sure if I should get an lcd of plasma. Here is the lcd model and here is the plasma model I've noticed the plasma has a much higher contrast ratio and faster response time but is only 720 and the lcd has a lower contrast ratio and lower response time but is full hd. Which one would be the better buy? Also forget to mention that the plasma has 2" to play with, not that it really matters.
  2. captaincranky

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    I think I'd go with the LCD. Full 1080P is becoming more of a consideration daily.

    Plasma is on it's way out, and most plasma sets are energy hogs.

    Extreme high contrast ratio is largely BS. Inflated numbers are easy to generate, simply by virtue of a really bright backlight. You can't really watch a TV that is so overly bright, but the numbers do impress. In fact, with the back light set too high, you can't get a good black on the screen.

    Awhile back, LCD sest were much duller than plasma, but that's simply not true today.

    Super bright TVs always impress in a super bright showroom environment, but generally need to be toned down in the home.

    See Wiki;
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    I have 3 hi-defs in my house. 1 is LCD the other 2 plasmas. The pictures on the plasma blow away the lcd by far. There are also no motion lags on the plasmas. People who say they don't last long are full of it. 20,000+ hours mean life is about 20 years worth of TV and that's assuming 8 hours a day. The technology will long be obsolete before the TV wears out.

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