Radeon 9250 Voltmod

By Uber Noob
Sep 23, 2005
  1. I Purchased a Radeon 9250 256 mb for my lil bro, i know its not the greatest but he doesnt have agp or pci(e) so it was the Best pci card i could find
    i put ram sinks and a cooler from a celleron 800 mhz and got it to 300 core 500 mem edited the bios to this clock and tightened the ram timmings some
    i think this thing has good ram because it doesnt even get warm
    i would like to volt mod it and see how far i can take it. i prefer the pencil trick seing as how it is less dangerous and cosmetically better . HE has been doing good at school and his birthday is comming soon pease help me hook him up.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.
  2. gibbocool

    gibbocool TS Rookie

    I wouldn't try and up the voltage on a pci...sorry mate it will probably just lock up.
  3. Uber Noob

    Uber Noob TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im not trying to up the voltage on the 5 rail on the psu im trying to find out how to up the voltage on the card. thanks anyways i know you just trying to help
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