Radeon 9600 - Not enough free resources (code 12)???

By Seventy-7
May 20, 2007
  1. Hey all

    I recently bought a Leadtek DTV1000 TV Card, but had problems with the digital reception in my area. This card worked fine with my mother board. I traded it in for the DTV2000 for its analogue tuning.

    I put the new card but i cant use the twin output on the Radeon 9600 any more. It says Code 12 - The device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.

    I have removed my soundcard and my other PCI DSP Audio card to leave just the vid card and the TV Card in there to see if it would free up, but the error remains.

    Any 1 got any suggestions???

    PC Specs are.

    p4 3gig
    abit ic7 motherboard
    1 gig ram
    radeon 9600
    M-audio delta 1010 Soundcard
    Tc electronic Powercore PCI DSP Card
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  3. Seventy-7

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    Nice work. that sorted it!
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