Raid 0+1 problems

By peabody
Jan 20, 2010
  1. I recently had a virus attack on my pc (mal generic-a) and I went about trying to fix it. Well long story short I now can't log into my pc, I type my password and I log in for a moment then log right back out.

    So I went to boot from windows cd to run recovery and repair the reg. But when I hit repair a message comes up saying that I don't have harddrives installed. A few months ago a message started flashing in red saying:

    0 ERROR NVIDIA RAID 0+1 256gb
    1 DEGRADED NVIDIA RAID 0+1 256gb

    I went through the raid setup and I'm only seeing 3 drives or im reading it wrong. Im not really sure what to do from here.

    I would be perfectly happy recovering my files from the computer and formating. But I didnt back up my files like a dummy and now I need them badly.

    Thank you for any help : )
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