RAID 0 disk failing, trying not to lose data

By ElShotte
Jun 26, 2011
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  1. Hey guys,

    Long story short, one of the HD's in my RAID 0 array was being reported as failing. Intel Matrix Storage Manager gave me a message inside of windows, and on boot the RAID controller said the disk was failing as well. So, I went and got another HD of equal size. The old HD is WD3200KS and the new one is WD3200JS, so theyre pretty much identical. I booted up with only the new and old drives in my PC, into Ubuntu Live CD, got the ddrescue package and cloned my HD. Now, I reconnected all my old drives where they were, replacing the old failing one with the new cloned one. At boot, the RAID Manager gives me Unknown Member for the new drive, and the 2nd drive in the array is marked Member Offline. What to do? I fear that if I remove the drives from the array and create a new one, Ill loose all the data. Im stuck. Help!
  2. Mark56

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    Hi, I'm no expert on RAID set ups but found this guide below which may help. It describes the process you have used but there may be some important parts of the process that you missed, notably that you have not used an identical drive to clone to and the disconnection of the drive from the array before cloning.

    This information came from here where there are a few other posts that may be usefull.


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