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By Gatzu
May 21, 2011
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  1. Greetings everyone,

    I just had a quick question about the two items listed in the subject. I currently believe that I have a bad stick of RAM. According to my motherboards manual (Asus - P7P55D-E LX) I have a MEMok button on the board. This is suppose to be pressed if I'm encountering problems with the RAM to solve boot failures. My question is if it works or not.

    I'm currently using 2 sticks of G Skill DDR3 (10-10-28) RAM, for a total of 4 gigs. I came home and my computer refused to power on my monitor. My first thought was that my video card died again, but I noticed there was no lights on my mouse either. I tested the video card anyway and found that it worked just fine. Next I moved onto the RAM. I removed one stick and everything booted up just fine. To ensure that it was the RAM and not the slot, I popped out the other stick and placed it in the old slot. The computer still booted up just fine. The moment I place the other stick of RAM back in, I get nothing.

    When using the MemOK button, my computer just keeps restarting over and over. According to a youtube video, this shouldn't really happen. I've never used it before and I'm hoping maybe others have had some experience with it. Is it suppose to do anything to the stick itself, or does it just tell me that it's not gonna work?

    I've RMA'ed G Skill, and they simply sent me a message back saying "No Problem." So I'm hoping that I can fix the problem without having to spend any big bucks or even disassembling anything.

    Any help is welcome. Thanks!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Once you get the replacement RAM let us know if everything is okay. Don't worry if the " MEMok" button works or not. Replacing the RAM will tell you everything you need to know... The RAM is okay... or not

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