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By XtremeEX
May 7, 2003
  1. Ok, I've got a question on RAM and CPU.

    I'm buying a A7N8X Deluxe and it says it can go 200/266/333 FSB. Does that mean I can buy a processor faster than 333? And for RAM, how do I get the most out of it like dual channel mode or something? And I've got to have my RAM at 333 right?
  2. Tarkus

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    I wouldn't count on the current A7N8X line to support the new 200Mhz FSB Barton (400 Mhz DDR). Those speeds (200/266/333) are actually DDR speed or 2X the FSB. You'll have to wait for the A7N8X-X? for true 200 Mhx Barton support. You can take 266 or 333 FSB CPUs up to around 200 Mhz with the older rev 1.0X motherboards and I hear they will run over 200 Mhz with the rev 2.0 boards. The lower multipliers are enabled with Thoroughbred and Barton CPU's so you can mix FSB and Multiplier for stable operation. I can run up to 196 FSB stable except for Alien vs. Predator II which I have to drop to 190 to play. (It hangs while loading that game above 190 FSB)

    You'll need two sticks of RAM in slots 1 & 3 or slots 2 & 3 to get dual channel. I'd recommend PC3200 (DDR 400) or higher ram if you want to get to 200 Mhz FSB. The A7N8X is picky about what memory will work. Corsair TwinX worked for me.
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    so what

    whoo cares about 400 fsb bartons.......they are the last to survive........and you'd be a foo if you dropped cash on that before the Hammer.......barton chip/333fsb.......then it and your motherboard can sync with the pc2700 ram @333mhz......the best bang for the buck would be the 2500+ barton with a 333 bus.......then overclock it to a 2800+....for about 125 bucks.....schweeeeeet
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