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Apr 14, 2008
  1. My desktop has 4 x 1.0 GB ram but indicates only 3.0gb on the system properties and so does my laptop with 2x2.0 gb on its slot but indicates only 3.016 gb on its system properties. anybody who can share technical explanation on this matter?

    appreciate very much from your comments and suggestions.
  2. Matthew

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    ...Assuming you're using a 32-bit OS, it uses 32 bits to refer to the location of each byte of memory. 2^32 bytes = 4.2 billion bytes = 4GB. So, 4GB is the total amount the OS can address. Now, you have to minus from that 4GB any hardware devices that need memory access. This can pretty much be anywhere from 500MB to 2GB depending greatly on the amount of RAM your VPU has. The result is anywhere from 2GB to 3.5GB of RAM "recognized" with 4GB of RAM installed, unless a 64-bit OS is used. Essentially, 1GB of RAM of yours is not being put to use.
  3. Nodsu

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    You can get away with a proper 32-bit OS too (something that supports PAE) like Windows server editions or Linux. But then again, if you are already upgrading, go 64-bit if the CPU allows.
  4. STEALTH429

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    I just updated my VISTA OS to service pack 1 on my desktop, and the memory now indicates 4GB, however, the reading still indicates 3.0 GB on the XP side as I am using a dual boot system.

    The same changes were noticed on the VISTA OS of my laptop...but am still puzzled on the technical explanation of this matter. need further information on this, anybody?
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    3 GB is a limit for i965 chipset used in some laptops. What's yours?

    Vista SP1 changed the shown memory so that full 4 GB is displayed even if the OS can't use it.
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