Random BSODs, suspect hardware problem

By tommytastic
Dec 15, 2008
  1. Hi
    I have been getting random bluescreens for some time now and not sure what to do about it.
    It can happen anytime, just after boot, while downloading, browsing. Often I leave my computer on but overnight and find it has bluescreened in the morning.

    q6600 not overclocked (it was for a while up to 3ghz)
    freezer pro cooler
    1x 2gb crucial ballistix (i have 2 sticks but the other fails memtest so has been removed)
    seasonic 600 watt
    geforce 8800gts 512mb
    2 sata drives
    1 dvd burner
    asus p35 ap wifi board

    I had to RMA my first 2 sticks of RAM due to failures and currently one of the sticks is failing again under memtest but the other passes so I am just using that one.

    I built the pc myself and bought the mobo and psu second hand so
    i'm suspicious one of them may be faulty.
    Could a bad psu/motherboard damage the memory?

    If it is a hardware problem, Id like to narrow it down so I dont end up replacing everything.

    I installed and ran speedfan yesterday on the vista install and it was
    showing 11.3v on the 12v rail. Then it crashed and speedfan wont run anymore.
    Is 11.3 too low?

    My flat is freezing this time of year so im pretty sure its not an overheating problem

    I have 2 x XP installs, and a new fresh Vista install. The bluescreens happen on all installs.

    attached a minidump from todays vista crash.

    If you can enlighten me on what may be causing the problem I would be very grateful.

    If I need to provide more info, please ask.

    Many Thanks, Tom
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