Random freeze on Windows XP SP3

By twinz
Sep 16, 2010
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  1. I just moved to FL Did not pack a ups or surge with my computer. Turn it on works great. on the 3rd power outage in a week it still works and I bought a UPS, While starting a Program ( IE8, World of Warcraft or other Games) They will run just happens to be at random the computer would freeze. timeline would be between now and 10 hrs from now, then the freeze would occur. Ive notice it has not froze while idle (not being used). Bios has 1 peep, everyone works normal.

    I've Reaplced the PSU,

    Im wondering if its not the power outage but Heat Problem on Video Card. ( was told on Window xp would crash if a driver failed)
    My big suspect is Ram OR MoBo, but on the Mobo I have not had other issues.
  2. Route44

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    Try this simple diagnostic step: Remove the case paneling and have a fan on the lowest setting blow into your case. Are you still having freezing issues?

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