Random Lags everywhere?

By Anerkand
Mar 6, 2009
  1. Random Lags everywhere, I need help now!

    My computer randomly lags ever now and then.
    I can begin the computer and all runs well like always, then randomly I get this lag that messes with the mouse speed, program speeds, video speeds and all together computer speeds! When it begins, it happens for about 3 seconds, then it stops and begins again like 4 seconds later for another 3-5 seconds and it does not stop.
    I refresh the monitor in a weird way by right clicking on the desktop and opening the Nvidia Control Panel. The screen goes black temporarily but when it comes back, its all perfect again. But like a time bomb, its only a matter of time until it begins again. I can open any program, or change the resolution then put it back to where it was for it too stop.
    I need help on removing this lag, if anything!
    I play a lot of video games, and when im online in a game and this happens. It really ruins it for me.
    This didn't always happen either..
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