Raspberry Pi gets new 1GHz turbo mode, more

By Leeky
Sep 20, 2012
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  1. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced several updates for its credit card-sized computer, as well as new profiles that can increase performance by up to 50% by overclocking the single-core ARM11 processor. Owners will be able to choose from one...

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  2. ikesmasher

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  3. Leeky

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    Aye, I'm looking forward to setting some time aside to see what difference it makes on my Raspi. :)
  4. TJGeezer

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    Linux on a Raspi - it's like a PC running DOS, except without the noise, size, heat or clutter, with a better interface and much greater capabilities. Nope, not like DOS on a PC at all, come to think of it. But the fun "feel" of being at slightly experimental, satisfying play is definitely familiar.

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