Really Rare Connection Problems (Wired Connection)

  1. First of all, I'm sorry for my freaking bad english, as its not my native language.

    Please, I REALLY need help with this.

    Pretty important things to say:

    Im connected with ethernet cable. If I connect with wifi it works (but the adapter I used wasn't mine, a friend gave it to me so I could try out)
    The cable is working fine, I tried that out with another pc.
    I didn't really touch any Hardware, neither drivers. That's why its in Software (It might be wrong)
    If I connect to my Phone internet, with the sharing internet option, IT WORKS
    I already runned malware antibytes
    I already runned CCleaner

    Here's the problem: One day, I turned on my PC. Everything was normal, connection was working.
    Well, thats what I thought, until I opened Skype. Instead of the green connected logo, I had the reconnecting one, like I was having a connection problem. The really weired thing was that I could recieve and send messages, but I couldn't call anyone as skype was thinking I was not connected. I didn't think it was a problem, maybe it was bugged or something.
    Then, I opened League of Legends like every friday, logged in and everything fine, well, I couldn't connect to the game chat but I thought it was not a problem as sometimes the server get bugged. I started a normal game and BUM, I had 30 ms (nice ping) but the "Attempting to recconect" window was there. I had to play with it, still thinking it was a server problem.
    But, then I opened google chrome, some pages were loading fine, like Google, Facebook, Youtube. But others didn't even load (sometimes it did, sometimes not). One thing I noticed is that I can't get into websites with a "ddos protection", like or other forums.

    Thank Guys.

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