Recurring hidden instances of iexplore.exe

By Nolat
Jul 26, 2009
  1. I have some sort of backdoor/trojan that constantly creates new instances of iexplore.exe. These processes are hidden and take up a lot of memory, and I can't seem to get rid of them. Most antivirus softwares don't appear to detect my infection, so I'm hoping you guys know what to do.

    I also was only capable of doing a quick scan with MBAM since every time I tried to do a full scan, roughly 2-3 hours in my computer would receive a BSOD.
  2. PanicSchmanik

    PanicSchmanik TS Rookie

    I have/had a similar problem, maybe I can help out. (Nothing professional, though.)

    Go to C\Windows\System32 >

    Make it so you get a detailed list, then click on DateModified

    Look for the time when you got the problem.

    If you see anything like this:


    (Basically anthing starting with uac)

    Then you probably have the same thing as me. I found that deleting some of these files stopped the search engine redirect, though I could not remove all of them.


    Besides that, while surfing for that uacbbr thing, I found this program called "Prevx". It allows you to scan your pc for malware and found amongst other things, the UAC stuff, which my McAfee doesn't pick up. Maybe that program can help you.

    (Actually removing stuff isn't free, but at least it could help you identify malware.)
  3. Nolat

    Nolat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I actually don't have those files (or anything that starts with UAC) in my system32 folder. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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