Recycle Bin Problem

By xohalyssa
Dec 24, 2005
  1. I have a Windows 98... Yeah pretty old :stickout: And On my desktop the Recycle Bin icon looks full but when I click on it there is nothing in the bin. When there is nothing in the bin and I click "Empty Recycle Bin" A dialog box pops up asking if I would like to delete these 5 files, when it is empty already! I went to View> Folder Options > View and clicked "Show all hidden & system file folders" And OK. There is no files in the bin that i can see, I click Empty Recycle Bin, "Would you like to delete these 5 files" , When I click Yes, another box pops up saying "Cannot Delete file DAVIDB1_: Cannot Find the Specified File. Make sure you Specify the correct path and filename."
    Please help, Not a major problem but it could be a virus, maybe... :confused:
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