By Mekaonija
Mar 31, 2007
  1. Hi, I'm going to reformat my computer and I have one hard disk but its split into 2 drives, C and D. When I reformat it only effects the C drive but everything on D is the same as it was. Is there a way I can reformat both at the same time or a way to reformat C and then D. I don't want any system files on D tho, I just want it blank, I want all system files in C. Thanks!

    Oh right is there a way I can change the sizes of the drives? Right now they hold about 35 Gb each but if I want one to be like 1 Gb big and the other 89 Gb.
  2. Motherearth

    Motherearth TS Rookie


    Before you reformat, backup or save everything you need to keep even your favs as they will all be lost.
    Insert your Windows CD
    Reboot your PC from the CD
    It will ask you to setup or Repair hit ENTER to SETUP
    Hit F8 to Agree
    Hit ESC to skip Repair
    The setup program will ask you where to install Windows. Highlight the existing "C: Partition1" partition and hit D to delete it, click L to confirm
    click onto Enter to install on unpartitioned space.

    it is personal preference, but it does not need to be partitioned
    Regards Motherearth
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