Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions

By Phantasm66
Oct 23, 2002
  1. Its another great article, this time on how to make a secure connection over the net to your windows 2000 box for means of remote administration. As this is a very current interest of mine, I've posted a link to the article here for your enjoyment....

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  2. Elcarion

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    SSH2 is a great solution for UNIX administration whether it's remote or not. I disable telnet, ftp, and similar on all of my systems. SSH2 with X-11 tunnelling works great with either Cygwin, Exceed, or similar!
    On the other hand, I haven't had good results tunnelling VNC over SSH2. I've tried it between my RH 7.3 workstation and my Win2K laptop using a D-Link 10/100 Switch. The problem that I had was that the client would lock up and/or miss screen updates from the server. Direct VNC between the two worked great. I tried both the regular VNC and TightVNC with the same results. TightVNC did work a bit better (it lasted a minute before locking rather than 30 seconds).

    If you're using OpenSSH I recommend the following: 1) Disable root logins, 2) Use shared key authentication over userid/password, and 3) Disable SSH1 protocol. You might also consider the added support/security of a non-open source SSH2 distro like F-Secure if you're in a corporate environment.

    I'm not really sure about the advantages of using Zebedee over SSH2, if there are any. I don't see any known expoits for Zebedee while there have been several found for OpenSSH. You could look at this as either good or bad.
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