Replacement fan problem

By jonnyfenix
Dec 19, 2008
  1. Hey yall. I'm not sure if this is right. I my stock cooler on my 8600GT XXX crapped out on me so I contacted xfx to get a replacement fan. They send me a different fan from my stock on. I figured that maybe it might do better cooling. I installed it and started playing COD4 with all setting maxxed out and running evga precision to see how the new fan holds up in heat. right when I get into the game and get into a fire fight, my GPU shoots up from 50C to 84C. You have got to tell me thats not normal
  2. CCT

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    You applied a THIN layer of NEW thermal paste?

    The heatsink is evenly tightened down?

    The fan is running problem free? (no binding or noise?)

    Have you used/checked Speed Fan to determine if the fan speed can be increased?

    And, as a side point, many people do get temps that high, but that is a little hot. You could always try to improve case air movement in/out.
  3. jonnyfenix

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    yes sir I have to all, heatsink had thermal past on it already and was covered wiht a thin sheet a tear away paper. tighten down as evenly as the naked eye and human hand can, no noise from fan and check to see if its running evenly, and I used evga precision to monitor fan speed as it increased with heat. I've decided to take the front 120mm fan and place it on the side of my case to see if it might help
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