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By Scott123
Jul 18, 2009
  1. I am having a couple of issues with a new laptop which I would appreciate some help with, One is that I have picked up something which re-directs all my Google Search Result links,in Explorer and Firefox (but not Opera) and I also have an issue with frequent lock-up as well as consistant lock-up on start up. I have to start 3 to 6 times to finally get a proper start. It freezes at different points all the time and I have to hold the switch 5 secs to shut down each time as Task Manager will not start. I also had to rename the exe files for malwarebytes and Hijackthis to get them to run. Anyway I hope you guys can help and I am truly greatful for your effort and time. I have completed the 8 steps as requested and have incuded the 3 log files. Thanks once again.
  2. Scott123

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    Well I'll be a horses a**. I just checked both Explorer and Firefox and my searches are no longer being redirected. I guess the 8 steps and more specifically Superantispyware has fixed this issue... I have tried several other spyware and malware programs previously to no avail.Anyway I'm happy. I just hope there are no other issues discovered in the log files but I'm sure you will let me know... Thanks again.
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