Request: Having a Windows 7 OS in the Cloud

By symba06
Oct 23, 2016
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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Hopefully this is the right place for this question. I'm an experienced PC user but only now I'm starting to wrap my head around Cloud services and solutions.

    I work as a Mechanical Engineer, and I rely on a lot of high-end engineering applications to perform my work. These applications also require a lot of resources, like fast processors and big chunks of data.

    What I'm looking for now is a solution that allows me to my whole Windows 7 OS as it is (installed apps, current settings, current data) through the internet. Meaning, if my computer eventually breaks down or was lost or stolen, I'm able to access my OS immediately through a Cloud / VPS service / Virtual Machine, and can carry on the work like nothing happened.

    Are there solutions like this, and if yes, what would you recommend? And most importantly, are these solutions safe?

    Thank you!

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